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The Sounds of Seasons Changing

This past week as I stepped outside I saw trees blooming with white, pink, and purple buds. I saw grass sprouts growing and flowers covering the yard. Ants have begun to busy themselves with the work of Summer. Spring is here and it popped up suddenly and overnight. One night I went to sleep with Winter's hibernation all around me and the very next morning life was abounding . Spring and Summer are easy for me to admire, they are my favorite times of the year. I love the sound of the cicadas, frogs, and birds. I love the buzz of dragonflies and the magical display of lightening bugs. I was on the porch in awe of this overnight beautiful transformation . I was thanking God that Spring has arrived. I was admiring the beauty He gives. While I was thanking our Maker for this gift, He gave me a teachable moment. He had me reflect on a very painful time  of my life. A time, when I prayed and stood for something. He wanted me to remember how during that time it felt like it would n