It's Too Heavy

I have the pleasure of watching my nephew during the day while his parents are at work. He is pretty strong and everyone who sees him for any amount of time makes some comment on how smart, strong, funny, or cute  he is. Of course, I am a little partial 😍 but I would have to say all those things are true, even if, I were not his "favorite auntie in the world".  The other day, I watched as he picked up his diaper bag we have packed into a backpack. It is not light, so I was surprised when he decided to tote it around the room. While watching him I had a teachable moment. 
Of course, this child is only two, and yet every day he grows into new abilities that were unreachable to him the day before. Every day he adds new knowledge to his data-bank. However, his age, size, and lack of experience hinder his capacity to accomplish things that someone older can do. There are going to be many times in life where something is too big for us to carry. If everything was light why would…

Horse up Ahead

The first time I traveled towards Jess Dunn with my mom for Prison Ministry it was nearing dusk. I noticed the hill we were approaching had a large horse in the road. Since I am from Oklahoma and raised mostly country, there have been many times that I have witnessed; horses, cattle, and goats wandering out of their enclosures and hanging out on the road.

Growing up, I learned to be mindful of the disaster that can occur by an event such as, hitting livestock with a motor vehicle. So with concern, I gave my mom a warning and asked if she saw it since she was not slowing down. My dear sweet mom just started laughing. Of course, I am looking at her confused and wondering what joke I had missed. I was getting more concerned that she was not taking this situation seriously. I flat out wondered if she was losing it. As we neared the top of the hill and the perspective changed I could see that it was a statue. My very sane mother, who is still laughing, told me that the very first time she …


I recently went to visit a friend. While in her house I noticed a grandfather clock. While I was admiring it she told me that it has been passed down through the generations. It has been serviced so it will keep time. Yet, that old grandfather clock will not keep time. She said it will work for a moment and slow to a definite stop. Many have looked at it and fiddled with the weights and pendulums; still, it will not keep time. I sat there looking at this beautiful heirloom and wondered if it will ever work properly again. I thought about future generations in line for the clock. I felt a little sad and wondered if they would treasure such an old relic that did not operate.

In my wonder, the Lord gave me a teachable moment. We are like that clock. We have been created with detail and beauty. We have inner parts that work together to help us perform or function. It took the Master's Hand to equip us with purpose. The clock's purpose is to keep and display time. Our purpose is t…

Give me a Taste of That

On a late Sunday afternoon, I was making some cookies with my kids and I immediately thought of a memory. It is the same memory that I'm flashed back to every time this particular ingredient is required. It is a memory that I am sure many experienced with the baker in their family when they were younger. Of course, I am talking about Cocoa Powder.

It is important to give a little history before I share the memory. When I grew up we had chocolate powders that were mixed into milk. Sometimes before the powder went into the milk we were allowed to have a spoonful of it. It was yummy chocolate powder that tasted "oh so good". The memory that I recalled is of my MeMe. She and I were in the kitchen. She was using a metal can of what I thought to be normal chocolate powder and she said that I could not have it. I looked at her with confusion on my face and probably irritation that she was separating me from that mouthful of goodness. She looked at my expression of misery and sai…

Melody In My Head

Oftentimes, the brokenness that people carry, can find a way to transfer that damage onto others. It's not always a conscience thing that is done. I grew up with my dad in the penitentiary system. There was a series of events that happened in my life and I remember being extremely young when these broken thoughts started plaguing me:
Why was I not enough? Could I have been more?Why was I even here?
I was obviously too young to even comprehend the attack and weeds that Satan was planting in my life. These questions would become the foundation underneath every decision I made and every relationship I would have. I was a "people pleaser". If I could be the best I could be; maybe it would be enough??? If I could do all they expected of me; maybe it would be enough??? 

My mom and my grandma were people who tried to plant good seeds in my life, but Satan's weeds choked out some of their efforts. I thought they had to say good things because I was theirs. 

Over my lifetime, Sat…

Sacrifice of Praise

We all have those moments in time where we feel like we have to focus on second-to-second instead of minute-to-minute or day-to-day. We tell ourselves to just breath, yet we find it difficult to fill our lungs with air. I'm referring to those times in our life were we feel hard pressed on every side.

There are so many stories in the Bible that share this very season of life with us. We read it and think how did they survive... more importantly how were they able to praise God? I think about testimony after testimony that I have heard where the unimaginable happens and yet their whole journey has become a massive tool in furthering the Kingdom. The one thing they all have in common is that they never stopped praying and praising God.

During the last 3 years, I have begun to understand more and more what it means to bring a "sacrifice of praise". I choose to lift my hands and voice when I feel like I can barely stand. I choose to be raw before God and thank Him for every …

The Sounds of Seasons Changing

This past week as I stepped outside I saw trees blooming with white, pink, and purple buds. I saw grass sprouts growing and flowers covering the yard. Ants have begun to busy themselves with the work of Summer. Spring is here and it popped up suddenly and overnight. One night I went to sleep with Winter's hibernation all around me and the very next morning life was abounding. Spring and Summer are easy for me to admire, they are my favorite times of the year. I love the sound of the cicadas, frogs, and birds. I love the buzz of dragonflies and the magical display of lightening bugs.

I was on the porch in awe of this overnight beautiful transformation. I was thanking God that Spring has arrived. I was admiring the beauty He gives. While I was thanking our Maker for this gift, He gave me a teachable moment.

He had me reflect on a very painful time of my life. A time, when I prayed and stood for something. He wanted me to remember how during that time it felt like it would never end, y…