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Sacrifice of Praise

We all have those moments in time where we feel like we have to focus on second-to-second instead of minute-to-minute or day-to-day. We tell ourselves to just breath, yet we find it difficult to fill our lungs with air. I'm referring to those times in our life were we feel  hard pressed  on every side. There are so many stories in the Bible that share this very season of life with us. We read it and think how did they survive... more importantly how were they able to praise God? I think about testimony after testimony that I have heard where  the unimaginable happens  and yet their whole journey has become a massive tool in furthering the Kingdom. The one thing they all have in common is that they never stopped praying and praising God. During the last 3 years, I have begun to understand more and more what it means to bring a  "sacrifice of praise" . I choose to lift my hands and voice when I feel like I can barely stand. I choose to be raw before God and thank Him