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God Doesn't Want Bench-Warmers

This past weekend was Superbowl Sunday . I was not able to watch the game. Wondering about who was winning and not really caring since neither were my team; I began to ponder on the thousands of people who attended the event. Then I thought of the thousands upon thousands who were gathered around TVs across the country. It was a unified event that people invested time and money into. All of the fans were hoping to see their team take victory . They cheered on their favorite players and met with disappointment if any of the First-Stringers were benched. Reflecting on this, I remembered when my kids were younger and played baseball and soccer. I was a FANATICAL parent. Yes, one of those crazy moms who wore jerseys with my kids team name on it, who yelled a little too loud, and got a little too involved. I made sure my kids went to practice and improved their skills. This was important to me, because I didn't want to attend a game where my kids were on the bench. I wanted the ho