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I recently went to visit a friend. While in her house I noticed a grandfather clock. While I was admiring it she told me that it has been passed down through the generations. It has been serviced so it will keep time. Yet, that old grandfather clock will not keep time. She said it will work for a moment and slow to a definite stop. Many have looked at it and fiddled with the weights and pendulums; still, it will not keep time. I sat there looking at this beautiful heirloom and wondered if it will ever work properly again. I thought about  future generations in line for the clock. I felt a little sad and wondered if they would treasure such an old relic that did not operate. In my wonder, the Lord gave me a teachable moment. We are like that clock. We have been created with detail and beauty. We have inner parts that work together to help us perform or function. It took the Master's Hand to equip us with purpose. The clock's purpose is to keep and display time. Our p