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Give me a Taste of That

On a late Sunday afternoon, I was making some cookies with my kids and I immediately thought of a memory. It is the same memory that I'm flashed back to every time this particular ingredient is required. It is a memory that I am sure many experienced with the baker in their family when they were younger. Of course, I am talking about Cocoa Powder. It is important to give a little history before I share the memory. When I grew up we had chocolate powders that were mixed into milk. Sometimes before the powder went into the milk we were allowed to have a spoonful of it. It was yummy chocolate powder that tasted "oh so goo d". The memory that I recalled is of my MeMe. She and I were in the kitchen. She was using a metal can of what I thought to be normal chocolate powder and she said that I could not have it. I looked at her with confusion on my face and probably irritation that she was separating me from that mouthful of goodness. She looked at my expression of misery a