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It's Too Heavy

I have the pleasure of watching my nephew during the day while his parents are at work. He is pretty strong and everyone who sees him for any amount of time makes some comment on how smart, strong, funny, or cute  he is. Of course, I am a little partial 😍 but I would have to say all those things are true, even if, I were not his "favorite auntie in the world".  The other day, I watched as he picked up his diaper bag we have packed into a backpack. It is not light, so I was surprised when he decided to tote it around the room. While watching him I had a teachable moment.  Of course, this child is only two, and yet every day he grows into new abilities that were unreachable to him the day before. Every day he adds new knowledge to his data-bank. However, his age, size, and lack of experience hinder his capacity to accomplish things that someone older can do. There are going to be many times in life where something is too big for us to carry. If everything was light why

Horse up Ahead

The first time I traveled towards Jess Dunn with my mom for Prison Ministry it was nearing dusk . I noticed the hill we were approaching had a large horse in the road. Since I am from Oklahoma and raised mostly country, there have been many times that I have witnessed; horses, cattle, and goats wandering out of their enclosures and hanging out on the road. Growing up, I learned to be mindful of the disaster that can occur by an event such as, hitting livestock with a motor vehicle. So with concern, I gave my mom a warning and asked if she saw it since she was not slowing down. My dear sweet mom just started laughing. Of course, I am looking at her confused and wondering what joke I had missed. I was getting more concerned that she was not taking this situation seriously. I flat out wondered if she was losing it. As we neared the top of the hill and the perspective changed I could see that it was a statue. My very sane mother, who is still laughing, told me that the very first tim