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Melody In My Head

Oftentimes, the brokenness that people carry, can find a way to transfer that damage onto others. It's not always a conscience thing that is done. I grew up with my dad in the penitentiary system. There was a series of events that happened in my life and I remember being extremely young when these broken thoughts started plaguing me: Why was I not enough?  Could I have been more? Why was I even here? I was obviously too young to even comprehend the attack and weeds that Satan was planting in my life. These questions would become the foundation underneath every decision I made and every relationship I would have. I was a "people pleaser". If I could be the best I could be; maybe it would be enough??? If I could do all they expected of me; maybe it would be enough???  My mom and my grandma were people who tried to plant good seeds in my life, but Satan's weeds choked out some of their efforts. I thought they had to say good things because I was theirs.