Welcome to the New FIC Website

I wanted to warmly welcome all of you to the new blog that I will be doing on the Free in Christ Website. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Toni Michelle "Mac" McMullen. I go by Michelle (I knew I was always in trouble when I heard Toni Michelle 😏) so Michelle is the safe bet...LOL.

This first blog is just an informal introduction to what you can expect with Mac-N-pressions. I claim no special talent just the prayerful willingness to be obedient to our Lord. Through these "Impressions" I will share what God shows me in hopes of encouraging others for the Gospel of Christ. I pray that in the posts of this  blog you will find a forum that encourages you. I hope that you will hear our Heavenly Father speak to your hearts and your situations.

I want to thank everyone who supports the ministry. We are always in need of partners. If you are interested in the types of partnerships that we have please explore our website. We also have a Facebook Page that you can be invited to. If you are interested in joining the Facebook page for FIC please send me a request through the website.

Please hit the subscribe button at the bottom of the website page to receive notices when a new blog in Mac-N-pressions appears.


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